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The City of Lake Charles has invested over $2.8 million in its golf course over the last 11 years. This has occurred at a time in the golf industry when many golf course operations are wondering how they are going to stay open. Lake Charles is a great little city or large metropolitan living area, however you want to look at it. With a great diversity of golf courses and other recreational activities, along with casinos, salt and fresh water activities, festivals, and world-renowned cuisine, Mallard Cove Golf Course plays its role very well as a component of the overall steady local economy. We serve over 32,000 annual rounds of golf to our patrons and visitors.


Here is a quick look at the capital expenditures, committed by the City of Lake Charles, to the golf course since 2001:


2001 - $900,000 golf course renovation

2008 - $945,000 for new irrigation system

2009 - Approximately $500,000 towards a new Clubhouse facility with a total cost of $1.730,000

2010 - $300,000 for cart path renovations

2012 - $200,000 for cart path renovation


The Clubhouse project was completed in July of 2009 as our operations moved to the new facility on July 15th, 2009. The new clubhouse takes in approximately 11,900 square feet with offices being located on the second level. The original structure was approximately 7,500 square feet. The clubhouse features a well defined front entrance to the facility on the main road side with a half-circle drive. The building includes a sports bar-themed dining area, a centrally located Pro Shop featuring an upscale retail look, a men's locker room, a women's locker room and a bag storage room; all on the main level. Three business offices and a restroom are located on the second level. This clubhouse is second to none for municipal golf facilities! 

                                         Club House.Front View
M C Dining Room               MC front door view from upstairs
  (Dining Area)                                                       (Front Door View From Upstairs)
MC hallway view from dining area                 MC Patio View  
   (Hallway View From Dining Area                           (Patio View From Pro Shop)     
In 2012, we completed Phase II, Mallard Cove Cart Path Renovation. We now have new cart paths all the way around the golf course. Through this project, the cart paths were extended from five feet wide to six feet wide, providing an aesthetic appeal as well as reducing wear and tear on the golf carts.
With City Championships, Men's Golf Association and Women's Golf Association events and the local fundraising stalwarts, there's always something happening at Mallard Cove. Even if you don't play golf, you will want to visit our new clubhouse to experience the great ole juicy, flavorful hamburger that's a local favorite!


      Club House.side view       Club House view from putting green
           View from edge of putting green             View from putting green

Please check the Men's Golf Association and Women's Golf Association web pages on this website for the current tournament schedule. You will also find contact information for the MGA and LGA board members. We will begin to update the "Schedule of Events" page as soon as we get a few more tournaments locked in for dates. This page on the website includes a comprehensive list of all activities that will be taking place all year long. So, please check back with us regularly to find out what is going on this year.


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