Lake Charles Recreation and Parks Adult Slow Pitch Softball

2016 League Rules

(UPDATED: January 29, 2015)

Governing Rules

The governing rules will be the Lake Charles Recreation Department (LCRD) Operating Code and the current ASA rule book with the following exceptions:

Leagues Offered:

Spring Recreational Season

Following leagues will be offered

  • Men’s League-One home run (one-up rule applies)
  • Coed League-Two home runs (one-up rule applies)
  • Industrial- Two home runs (one-up rule applies)
  • Incrediball-Thursday Nights only (Double-headers)

Summer Championship Season

The following leagues will be offered:

  • Men’s Recreational Division-One home run (one-up rule applies)-Must have played in Spring Recreational Season
  • Men’s Competetive Division-One home run (one-up rule applies)
  • Coed Recreation League-Two home runs (one-up rule applies)-No Thursday Games
  • Coed Competetive League-Two home runs (one-up rule applies) )-No Thursday Games
  • Industrial- Two home runs (one-up rule applies) Season Ongoing
  • Incrediball-Thursday Nights only (Double-headers)
  • Only teams that played in the Spring Recreation Season will be allowed to play in the recreation divisions (based on their performance)

Home Runs: any home run hit over the limit will be an out. Except when the "One-up" rule is in effect.

Pitching: a 6-10 foot pitching arc will be used.

Line up / Score sheet:

  • The home team must furnish the official game scorekeeper and must obtain a score sheet from the on-site office.  
  • The home team will be pre-determined on the schedule. 
  • The score sheet must be turned in to the plate umpire immediately after the game.  
  • Line ups must be turned in to the official scorer at least 15 minutes before game time.

Starting the Game:

  • Coed league may start with 9 players with the 10th batting spot being and out. Of the 9 players, at least four must be of one gender. If only three players are of one gender than you may have only 9 defensive players. Only nine batters are allowed, with the 10th batting spot being and out and each inning starts with one out.
  • All other leagues may start with eight players with the 9th batting spot being an out. When a game is started with only 9 players, the 10th spot is an out.
  • If a player is ejected, there must be a replacement for that player or the game will be declared a forfeit.

Run Rules: There will be a 12-run rule after four complete innings of play and a 10-run rule after five complete innings of play. The 15-run rule after three innings of play will not be in effect.

Game Length: Games will be one hour, seven innings or "run rule," whichever comes first. No new inning will start 55 minutes from the start of the game, unless the game is tied.

Game Ball: Teams will supply their own balls. The 52/300 12-inch ball will be the only 12-inch ball allowed.

Bats:  All ASA and all USSSA approved bats are allowed for league play.

Coed Rules

1. Defensive Restrictions:

  • No defensive players (except the pitcher and catcher) may be closer to home plate than the base line until the ball is hit. No outfield defensive players may be within ten yards of the infield dirt until the ball is hit.  
  • Penalty: The batter automatically gets first base even if the ball is hit foul. If  there are any runners on base, they will advance one base.
  • All coed infield defensive restrictions still apply regardless of whether there are nine or 10 players.

2. Female players are not bound by rosters.

3. No Base stealing is allowed.

4. Eligibility: All teams must submit their opening rosters prior to first game. No roster changes are allowed after this point.

  • Industrial League- Players must have letter from employer verifying employment of all players.
  • Coed Leagues- All females are eligible to participate in any coed game (no roster restrictions).
  • Men’s League- Players may play on any other men’s team except during recreational season.
  • Minors- Minors who were at least 16 must have a signed waiver from their parent on file with the league before they are eligible to play.

5. Awards

  • T-shirts will be awarded for first and second place in the championship season tournament.
  • Plaques will be awarded for first place, second place and semi-finalists in the championship season tournament.                                     

6. Tournament

  • LCRD will sponsor a league tournament in each division at the conclusion of championship season league play.
  • Teams finishing at .500 or above will participate and will be seeded according to regular  season performance.           


There will be one week set aside after the recreation season and the championship season for rain-outs.