On Monday, June 25, 2018, the Lake Charles North Redevelopment Authority (LCNRA) Board of Commissioners announced its newly appointed Board of Commissioners and officers.  The newly appointed Commissioners include Attorney Marshall Simien, Attorney Tara Hawkins, and Dr. Gisele McKinney Hawkins.  Commissioner Craig Marks will serve as Board President, and Commissioner Tara Hawkins will serve as Board Vice President.

“It is an honor to assume the position of President of the Lake Charles North Redevelopment Authority,” says Craig Marks. “The Authority’s mission is to explore, create, and carry out initiatives that will redevelop and bring new life to the neighborhoods of North Lake Charles. I welcome the opportunity to guide the organization in its continued pursuit of that mission.” 

Lake Charles North Redevelopment Authority (LCNRA) was created by the Louisiana Legislature as a special district and political subdivision of the state to design programs for the benefit of the citizens in the City of Lake Charles, with its primary focus on the redevelopment and revitalization efforts for the North Lake Charles area.

“I am very excited about working with the new Redevelopment Authority board to bring Lake Charles North to the next level,” stated Mayor Nic Hunter. “I can envision a revitalized Enterprise Boulevard with active retail, festivals, and streetscape improvements that resemble downtown. Railroad Avenue was once an anchor for businesses and restaurants, and it will be that again. We look forward to working hand-in-hand with the new board members to bring new businesses and improve infrastructure and property within the district.” 

“I believe the continued redevelopment and prosperity of the northern part of our City is critical to the future growth of our whole City, which has become an increasingly important area of our State and country” says Marshall Simien.  “As a product and current resident of the North Lake Charles community, I will dedicate whatever I can offer to the success of the Redevelopment Authority’s mission, goals and aspirations of an incredible community.” 

With a new motto of “Empowering Our Community, Designing Our Future”, LCNRA looks to be a catalyst for the revitalization of the area, partnering in strategic initiatives and developments that celebrate the area and neighborhoods as well as honoring its traditions. By working with the city, the parish, and both public and private entities, LCNRA will be able to approach redevelopment from a holistic aspect by focusing on all areas including economically, socially, educationally, and as a family unit.  Learn more about the LCNRA at www.lcnra.org.

About the Lake Charles North Redevelopment Authority:

The LCNRA is a political sub-division established by the Louisiana Legislature in 2010. Its mission is to explore, create, and implement initiatives that will result in the building of a redeveloped and revitalized Lake Charles North through the introduction of new and renewed developments/ strategies/plans to strengthen and mobilize the community.