Smart Meters Are Coming to Lake Charles!

As we continue on the road to long-term recovery, the City of Lake Charles is working to harden infrastructure and improve the lives of our customers, creating a brighter and more resilient future for the residents of Lake Charles.

That’s why the City of Lake Charles is making a proactive investment to replace current water meters with state-of-the-art smart meters to support our residential and commercial water customers.

Once the project is complete, the City of Lake Charles’ use of smart meters will elevate our system to be one of the strongest and most resilient along the Gulf Coast.

How Will the New Smart Meters Benefit the Residents of Lake Charles?

The new smart meters will provide state-of-the-art flow detection, helping us identify leaks at individual residences and also along the City’s lines.

The new smart meters will provide key benefits and assurance to the residents of Lake Charles: 

  • More accurate and dependable monthly water usage readings
  • Faster flow detection
  • More consistent bills from month-to-month
  • A hardened, improved water infrastructure to minimize the effects of future natural disasters

Want to Learn More the City of Lake Charles Smart Meter Upgrade Project?

Watch this PSA video for more information:

Smart Meter Upgrade Project Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do we need new water meters?

The smart meters project is a proactive investment to replace the current meters. Lake Charles is upgrading meters now to secure a more resilient tomorrow. The current meters’ technology is over 75 years old. 

How do the meters work?

The new meters will improve efficiency, and, in the future, customers will be able to proactively manage water usage. The meter upgrade allows water meters to be read remotely and will include a new customer portal to improve billing functions and customer service. 

The meters will provide state-of-the-art flow detection, which can help us identify leaks at individual residences and along the City’s lines. This benefits residents on their bills, reduces “water waste,” and drastically reduces periods of low water pressure after a natural disaster. 

Who is installing the meters?

The City of Lake Charles and Lake Charles City Council selected Utility Metering Solutions (UMS) to install the new meters. UMS is an experienced partner that installs an average of half a million meters nationwide each year. 

Can customers opt out?

No, this process is mandatory to ensure continued accurate meter reads.  

Will customers’ bills change?

Rates will not change as a result of the smart meters. Any noticed changes would be due to more accurate reads. 

How will the meter replacement process work?

Since the residential meters are all located outdoors, you do not have to do anything to have your new smart meter installed. Residents are not required to be home during the replacement. During the installation, you can expect your water to be turned off for about 30-60 minutes.

How will I know it’s a verified UMS worker?

UMS employees will be easily identified as they will be wearing UMS attire and driving a vehicle marked with the UMS logo. 

Will installation affect my water use?

The entire installation process will only take about 1 hour. During that time, you can expect your water to be turned off for about 30-60 minutes.

How will I know when the installation is complete?

A door hanger will be placed on your front doorknob following installation to notify you that your smart meter upgrade was completed successfully.

What can local businesses expect?

Local businesses will be contacted directly to schedule their meter replacements to ensure minimal disruption.

How long will the smart meters project take?

The project is expected to be completed by June 2024.

Still have unanswered questions? Contact us today!

If you have questions regarding the project, please visit: or call (337) 491-1530.