Mayor's Office


The Mayor has several commissions that perform specific functions within the City of Lake Charles. They are as follows:
  • Armed Forces Commission
The mission of Lake Charles Mayor's Armed Forces Commission is to act as a liaison group to promote goodwill and understanding between the City of Lake Charles and the Armed Forces, both active and reserve.
The commission coordinates many activities throughout the year, including the annual Veterans Day parade and celebrations, the annual Military Ball and many others. Click Here For More Information.
  • Commission on Youth Partnership

The Lake Charles Youth Partnership is comprised of Lake Charles teens serving in an advisory capacity to Mayor Randy Roach and the community, recommending projects, programs and activities that benefit the youth of the city.

Youth Partnership members are selected from city junior and senior high schools.
  • Commission on Disability
The Lake Charles Mayor's Commission on Disability was formed in 1983 to expand the opportunities of person with physical or mental disabilities and thus enhance their contribution to society. This organization will work with individuals, organizations, businesses and professionals to strengthen public understanding of the needs and potential contributions of persons with disabilities. Click Here For More Information.
  • Human Relations Commission
The Lake Charles Human Relations Commission shall operate as an advisory board in all matters involving any department of the City of Lake Charles, city officials, employees, and agents and their relationships and/or contacts with the citizens of the City of Lake Charles.


The function of this commission is to make recommendations to the Mayor concerning the functions and operations of any department of the City, any city official, employee, or agent, relative to their relationships and/or contacts with the general public. Click Here For More Information.


  • Veterans Memorial Park Commission (VMPC)

The mission and purpose of the Veterans Memorial Park Commission is to assist the City of Lake Charles in its efforts to maintain and improve Veterans Memorial Park, to assure visual integrity of the park such as will preserve a setting that clearly communicates dignity and respect for those being honored. The commission is further committed to preserving and maintaining a place where veterans and their families, and citizens of this city and state, can gather to reflect and pay tribute to those who have unselfishly made or willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Click Here for More Information.

  • Keep Greater Lake Charles Beautiful-Team Green
Keep Greater Lake Charles Beautiful-Team Green is a Mayor's Commission whose mission is to develop and sponsor projects which will enhance the appearance and quality of the environment in Southwest Louisiana. Keep Greater Lake Charles Beautiful-Team Green is an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful and Keep Louisiana Beautiful and participates in the annual Great American Clean-up. The group is made up of citizens appointed by the Mayor to serve on a voluntary basis. Click Here for More Information.

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