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City of Lake Charles Brownfields Grant Availability

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines brownfields, as real property, the expansion, redevelopment or reuse of which may be complicated by the presence or potential presence of a hazardous substance, pollutant, or contaminant. The concept of the City of Lake Charles' Brownfields Program began in 1992.

The City’s Brownfields Program has been very successful in the past years (see link below; Lake Charles Brownfields Success Stories)  but unfortunately utilized all available Brownfields funds. 

The City is currently submitting their application for the EPA FY17 Petroleum and Hazard Substance Assessments grants for $300,000.  Brownfields grants are competitive and reviewed nationally by EPA representatives and if awarded, funding will be available starting October 2017.  Brownfields Assessment Grants provide funding for developing inventories of brownfields, prioritizing sites, conducting community involvement activities, conducting site assessments and cleanup planning related to brownfields sites.

The City of Lake Charles' Brownfields Program will utilize these funding sources for the redevelopment of eligible sites in the North Lake Charles area, Downtown Development Area, Charpentier Historical District and along and north of Broad Street.

The goal of the Lake Charles Brownsfields Program is to generate a positive force for the redevelopment of abandoned commercial and industrial properties.

Is My Site Eligible?
A site is eligible if it is located within the City of Lake Charles, if the property is abandoned or underutilized, and has real or perceived environmental contamination. Perception of even a minor environmental issue is generally sufficient. The prospective purchaser/developer must enter the program prior to taking title of the property and not be responsible for the environmental issues.
Why Would I Want My Site Included in the Brownfields Program?
Funding is available to pay for environmental assessments, risk assessments, preparation for clean-ups and redevelopment planning.
  • Potential access to municipal incentives for development.
  • Potential access to assistance with development permitting and approvals.
  • Promote the reuse of idle land.
How Can I Get Involved?
Contact the City of Lake Charles Brownfields Program located in the Planning Department for consideration by phone (337) 491-1513 or by email at
You Can:
  • Nominate a site in your community as a potential site Brownfields redevelopment.
  • Consider sites for purchase that are identified as potential candidates for redevelopment.
  • Contact the Planning Department for sites that may meet your needs.
  • Contact City of Lake Charles Brownfields for assistance with potential development incentives and/or assistance for your site that is in the process of being developed.

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