The Community Services Division works in partnership with citizens and groups to effectively address the community's concerns and needs. This division's goals include eliminating crime, lessening the fear of crime and providing a greater sense of community power and cohesion. When working with neighborhood associations, merchants, schools and citizens, the Community Services Division acts as an equal partner.

What to do When Stopped by Police                                      

In January 2015, the Lake Charles Police Department held a forum at the Lake Charles Civic Center that allowed the general public to ask any questions, or voice any concerns, they may have with the Lake Charles Police Department. During this session, someone recommended that the police educate the general public on the do’s and don’ts when being stopped by law enforcement.

Sgt. Shawna Aymond, with the Lake Charles Police Department’s Community Policing Division, met with Pam Dixon at Lake Charles-Boston Academy for assistance. The students of the Television Production Department were eager to assist with the project and created a video addressing the subject.

The goal of this informational video is to educate as many local civic groups, students, neighborhood watch groups, pastors, and the general public.  This video allows the general public to be well educated on proper etiquette that should be used when stopped by an officer. It also provides tips (i.e., having a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance) readily available to speed up the process. It answers some common questions such as whether or not law enforcement can request an individual to exit their vehicle, as well as being cautious in regard to sudden moves.

The video appears below. Citizens are encouraged to contact the Lake Charles Police Department at (337) 491-1311 with any additional questions or concerns.