Home 1The downtown "Charpentier District" pronounced (char peh ti ay) encases a 20-block area of homes dating back to the late 1800's and 1900's. The district contains some of the finest restored architecture in Louisiana and was included on the National Historic Register in 1990.
Because there weren't any practicing architects the area until the early 1900's, the homes in the district acquired their individual characteristics from the carpenters who built them. These carpenters expressed their artistry and tried to out build one another with their use of elaborate fretwork and Victorian decoration. The City honors these carpenters by naming the historic district "Charpentier," French for carpenter.
Most of the homes are privately owned, however, entry to some may be arranged through the
Home 2Residents living in the Charpentier, Downtown Development District (or Charlestown Cultural District) or Margaret Place Historic District should familiarize themselves with the design guidelines accessible by clicking on their home on the image below. These guidelines will shape renovations, infill development and any exterior alterations of the structures  located in these protected Districts.
The map below shows the boundries of the Charpentier and Margaret Place Historical Districts.
By clicking on the District you are interested in, you will be brought to the Design Guidelines for that District.

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