The Purpose of the Pattern Book
In the wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, urgent need existed to rebuild vast numbers of houses and buildings and to do so with a speed not possible using only traditional construction techniques.
The challenge was to make sure that rebuilding was achieved in the best possible way--Safer, Stronger, and Smarter--in keeping with the motto of the Louisiana recovery Authority's LOUISIANA SPEAKS program. The Louisiana Speaks Pattern Book was created to provide both guidance and tools for the builders who will take on that task. 
The Pattern Book contains patterns and techniques for building housing, neighborhoods and towns at a greatly accelerated pace, while remaining true to the values and traditions of the people of Louisiana.  These traditions provide guidance for rebuilding in harmony with the state's natural environment and climate in the design and construction of environmentally responsible houses that incorporate many of the traditional architectural features of the region. The Pattern Book also provides guidance into the built landscape. Doing so can prevent or reduce future losses of life and property from floods and winds in the years to come.
     ----excerpt taken from Louisiana Speaks:  Pattern Book, Urban Design Associates
The book in it's entirety can be downloaded and printed as needed.