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02/13/2020 unknown City of Lake Charles, SWLA Economic Development Alliance and SEED Center Business Incubator Announce SWLA Lake Charles Launch 350   Details icon
02/13/2020 pdf City Council Meeting Agenda 2/19/2020 111 55 KB Details icon
02/12/2020 unknown City of Lake Charles Announces Activities and Scheduled Road Closures for Mardi Gras Holiday 191   Details icon
02/03/2020 unknown LCFD to Conduct Hydrant Testing 165   Details icon
02/03/2020 unknown City to Hold Public Meeting for Businesses Along Mardi Gras Holiday Parade Route 196   Details icon
01/31/2020 pdf City Council Meeting Agenda 2/5/2020 204 50 KB Details icon
01/27/2020 unknown City of Lake Charles Receives Statewide Recognition 185   Details icon
01/27/2020 unknown “Lake Charles Legends” to be highlighted in Historic City Hall Exhibit 169   Details icon
01/17/2020 pdf City Council Meeting Minutes 1/2/2020 90 83 KB Details icon
01/14/2020 unknown City to Observe Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday: Garbage, Trash and Recycling Collection Altered 468   Details icon
01/13/2020 unknown City’s Teen Connection to Focus on Careers in Technology 292   Details icon
01/10/2020 unknown City Monitoring Potential for Severe Weather Overnight 219   Details icon
01/08/2020 pdf City Council Meeting Agenda 1/15/2020 285 45 KB Details icon
01/06/2020 unknown City’s Popular “Teen Connection” Series Returns This Week for Spring Semester 232   Details icon
01/02/2020 unknown First Nature in Focus Bird Walk of 2020 Scheduled for Saturday 238   Details icon
01/02/2020 unknown American Visionary: JFK’s Life and Times” coming to Historic City Hall 528   Details icon
12/30/2019 pdf City Council Meeting Agenda 1/2/2020 300 49 KB Details icon
12/20/2019 unknown Multi-million Dollar Economic Development Project Announced for Enterprise Boulevard 412   Details icon
12/19/2019 unknown Making Natural Ornaments with Santa and Sasol 265   Details icon
12/16/2019 unknown Holiday Garbage and Trash Collection Schedule Released 1141   Details icon
12/12/2019 pdf City Council Meeting Agenda 12/18/19 345 53 KB Details icon
12/10/2019 unknown Agility Equipment Added to Bark du Lac Dog Park 256   Details icon
12/09/2019 unknown Teen Connection Returns this Week to Focus on How to Choose a College Major 259   Details icon
11/27/2019 unknown City Council Meeting Agenda 12/4/19 327   Details icon
11/26/2019 unknown The City of Lake Charles Announces plans for the Light up the Lake Christmas Celebration 533   Details icon
Documents 1-25 of 1,075