Newly-elected Mayor Nic Hunter and the Lake Charles City Council were sworn into office during a public ceremony at 2 p.m. today, July 1, 2017.

The oath of office was administered to each by the Honorable Judges Gene Thibodeaux (City Council) and Lillyn Cutrer (Mayor Hunter) and Mayor Hunter provided his inaugural address to the citizens of Lake Charles.

“Today we find ourselves at the brink of greatness. The next decade is perhaps one of the most important in our history,” said Mayor Hunter in his address. “Growth of our economy and population present unparalleled opportunity. It also presents very real, very tangible challenges. I stand today, firm in my conviction that these challenges are worth having. With the cooperation of the Council and the community, these are challenges we can meet. These are challenges I welcome. These are challenges we can overcome.”

The term of office for Mayor Hunter and the City Council is four years with the next election taking place in the year 2021.

The full text of Mayor Hunter’s inaugural address can be found at

Click here for the full text of Mayor's Hunter's Inaugural Address.