On Wednesday, January 20, 2021, the Lake Charles City Council voted unanimously to adopt a resolution to Commissioner of Insurance James J. “Jim” Donelon and the Southwest Louisiana Legislative Delegation regarding the handling of insurance claims stemming from Hurricanes Laura and Delta. 

The resolution, sponsored by Councilmen John Ieyoub (District D) and Mark Eckard (District G) requests administrative and/or legislative action to address many issues related to hurricane damage adjustments and to require that homeowner’s insurers and agents in the State of Louisiana provide greater clarity and transparency. 

“It has been nearly six months since Hurricane Laura made landfall in Southwest Louisiana and many are still waiting on help from their homeowner’s insurance policies,” said Councilman John Ieyoub. “From having to fight for adequate dollars to repair homes to their pre-storm conditions, to trying to obtain reimbursement for unexpected living expenses, our residents are fighting an uphill battle that they just simply should not have to fight, especially on policies they’ve paid for over the years.” 

In addition to asking for review of reimbursements, the resolution also is asking for legislative review of the way policy changes are communicated to insureds.

“Many people were caught off guard by hurricane deductibles,” added Councilman Mark Eckard. “This resolution is asking for better communication on changes to policies so insureds are not caught unaware by special named-storm deductibles and other fine print items that they may not know have been added to their policies over the years.” 

The resolution asks for consideration of creating uniform definitions in layman’s terms for all homeowner’s insurance policies as well as creating uniform standards for all insureds when it comes to determining actual cash value, depreciation and replacement costs. It also asks for the creation of a uniform method for reporting property damage, content loss and reimbursable expenses among other things.

To read the complete resolution, click here.