LAKE CHARLES, La—The Lake Charles City Council, at their regular meeting on Wednesday, March 17, voted unanimously (7-0) to adopt an ordinance on a drainage fund allocation for the Kayouche Coulee/Terrace Neighborhood Areas. 

The ordinance, sponsored by District C Councilman Rodney Geyen, authorizes the City of Lake Charles to move $500,000 from unallocated City drainage funds into a specific drainage allocation for these areas impacted by flooding during recent storms. 

“The residents living along the Kayouche Coulee have been impacted by devastating floods in recent years,” said Councilman Geyen. “Mayor Hunter and I worked together to look for ways in which the City could partner with the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury and the Calcasieu Parish Gravity Drainage District to address this ongoing issue.” 

This ordinance also authorizes the City to pursue all additional funding resources and agencies to support this effort. 

“We talk a lot about the benefits of partnerships,” added Mayor Nic Hunter. “This is a perfect example of the City of Lake Charles and Lake Charles City Council showing our willingness to work with other agencies to provide much needed relief and assistance to our residents. Drainage knows no boundaries and it is important that we all be willing to sit at the table together to develop sustainable, long-term solutions.”

Councilman Geyen, along with personnel from the City of Lake Charles, Calcasieu Parish Police Jury and Calcasieu Parish Gravity Drainage are in the process of meeting with residents and working to develop the most impactful use of these funds.

“This allocation is just a start,” Councilman Geyen said. “While $500,000 will not fix these issues overnight, it is a tremendous step forward. I am thankful to the City Administration and my fellow City Council Members for their support in helping us lead the way on creating positive change for District C and the City as a whole.”