How do I get the availability on a room I am interested in? One can get the availability on a room by contacting the Civic Center Booking Office.
Do I have to have a deposit to "Hold" a room? Is a deposit required? The Civic Center does not "hold" rooms. We require a deposit when a room is booked, with the remaining balance due about nine to twelve weeks after the contract is issued. The balance amount and due date is in the contract, on page five (5).
What do I have to do to "Reserve" a room at the Civic Center? In order to "Reserve" a room, a Booking Information Sheet has to be filled out, and a deposit is required. You come into the office to fill out paperwork when you book your room.
How long does the rental last? Rentals begin at 8:00 am and run until 12:00 midnight. Rentals can be extended one (1) hour at a fee of $150.00.
Can I provide my own liquor for my event? The Civic Center Food/Beverage Department can provide any type of soft drinks/alcohol needed for an event.
Can I bring in my own food for my event? Yes, you can bring in your own foods. You will pay a higher insurance premium for your event. The Civic Center has over twenty-five (25) caterers authorized to work at the premises. A complete listing is on the website, along with information about what they can provide for you. You pay a lower insurance premium if you use one of these caterers.
How do I get insurance coverage for my event? The insurance coverage can be purchased from the Civic Center. Contact the Administrative office for rates and provisions.
How do I arrange security for my event? Security is arranged by the Lake Charles Civic Center, with the Lake Charles Police Department or the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office at a fee of $35.00 per hour per officer.

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