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Garbage Pickup

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City Ordinance defines garbage as all solid or semi-solid kitchen refuse subject to decay and the associated packaging. Garbage also includes all waste paper, debris, and rubbish normally produced in a household. All garbage should be placed in plastic bags in the city provided container.

For more information, questions and concerns regarding garbage pickup please call (337) 491-1220.

Trash Pickup

City Ordinance defines trash as any refuse other than garbage. It shall include furniture, bedding, debris, and rubbish normally produced in a household and will not fit in the ninety-eight gallon container. Household appliances, or White Goods, will be picked up but the owner must call ahead first. Please note that commercial businesses that deliver and install new appliances are required to remove the old appliance from the premises and insure proper disposal. To schedule a White Goods pickup please call (337) 491-1220.



Building Materials - Roofing, concrete, plaster, wallpaper, earth, trees and other substances resulting from construction repairs or remodeling of any building on private property. The owner must have this waste privately removed.

Tires and Automobile Parts - The City does not pick up tires or automobile parts from residences. Residents are responsible for insuring proper disposal at an authorized dealer (licensed by the Department of Environmental Quality).

Hazardous Waste - Including toxic materials, paint, and medical wastes. The City is not authorized or equipped to handle these types of waste. A commercial hauler must be contacted. The Police Department and/or Fire Department should be notified on any type of accident involving hazardous materials.

For more information, questions and concerns regarding trash pickup please call (337) 491-1220.

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