Culvert Permit Process

1.        Owner/Contractor applies for a $30 non-refundable permit to offset administrative costs. Owner/Contractor shall place stakes at desired location.

2.        Permit Center will forward permit to Public Works/Engineering Division for field inspection to approve/disapprove.  If approved, culvert size, grade, length, and catch basin location will be determined.

3.        Public Works Engineering Division mails complete application with customer instructions.

4.        Customer contacts Public Works Engineering Division (2) Days prior to backfilling operations.

5.        Owner/Contractor shall request a final inspection and culvert inspector shall verify work and close out file.

Culvert Permit Conditions

1.        Owner can only apply for driveway permit Max 25'. Licensed Contractor must apply for permit for subsurface drainage (see attached list for approved City contractors).Application and fee submitted to Permit Center.

2.        Owner/Contractor is responsible for placing stakes to mark the proposed location of culverts.

3.        Permitted work must be completed in 90 calendar days from approval date. Permit will be voided after that time period and permitting application and fees will have to be resubmitted.

4.        Applicant is the owner of the property and the driveway or approach constructed on this right of way will only be used for securing access to the property. All driveways, approaches or other improvements constructed on the right of way shall be subject to inspection and the right is reserved to the City to require such changes, additions, repairs, and relocations to be made as may be considered necessary. The cost of making such changes, addition, repairs, and relocation shall be borne by the applicant. No driveway, approach or other implement constructed on the right of way shall be relocated or its dimensions altered with out written permission from Public Works Engineering Division.

5.        The applicant agrees to hold harmless the City of Lake Charles and it's duly appointed agents and employees against any action for personal injury or property damage sustained by reason of the exercise of this permit.


Permits are required for utility cuts. Permits must be secured from all utility companies before breaking or digging is allowed on a city right-of-way. An inspection will be made of the utility cut location for proper repairs.

Permits are required to remove curbs for driveway installations. The City is not responsible for the removal of curbs for driveways; this is the homeowner's responsibility.


Permits may be obtained from the Permit Office.

Contact Information

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