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What is the Para transit Service?
This service provided by the Lake Charles Transit System offers a special mode of transportation to disabled persons who have met Federal eligibility requirements.

What type of service is provided?
The Transit System is equipped with vans that have facilities to handle wheelchairs. These vans, which do not operate on a regular transit route, will transport passengers from destination to destination.  They transport passengers to such destinations as hospital clinics, doctors' offices, medical centers, grocery stores, pharmacies, and etc.

What is the fare for this service?
The fare is $1.00 per trip or $2.00 round trip.

Who is eligible?
Any disabled person who requests eligibility may complete an application form and turn it in to any bus driver, or mail it to the Lake Charles Transit System, 4331 E. Broad St., Lake Charles, LA 70615

Where are these forms available?
An application form may be obtained from any bus driver or from the Transit office at the 1155 Ryan Street, or from various agencies that serve disabled persons.

What is involved in completing these forms?
The instructions are on the form. The first page is to be completed by the applicant; the second and third pages are to be completed by the applicant's health care professional, such as a doctor or therapist.

How will persons be identified as eligible?
Upon receipt of the application, the Transit Office will certify the eligibility of the applicant and issue an identification card to the applicant.

When is the service available?
The Para transit Service is available during the same hours that the fixed route buses operate, which are from 5:45 a.m. to 5:45 p.m., Monday through Friday, except on City holidays.

How can passengers receive this service?
Eligible passengers should request the service on the day before the service is desired. The telephone number of the Para transit Service is 491-1267.

Can the Para transit Service transport the passenger from the original destination back to their residence?
Yes. This can be accomplished by coordinating with the van driver or by calling the Para transit office.

Can the eligible passenger be allowed to have an attendant ride with them?
Yes, an attendant will be allowed, and not be expected to pay a fare.

Can reservations for several disabled persons be made simultaneously?
Yes, given that the visitor can provide proof of eligibility.

Will the eligible passenger be allowed to use the Para transit Service with a companion who is not disabled?
Yes, if space is available, reservations are made in advance, and the Para transit fare is paid, a companion who is not disabled may accompany an eligible person.

Is the service available for eligible persons for transportation to and from their employment?
Yes, individuals may use Para transit Service for transportation to and from work. However, those who use the service on a non-continuing basis will be given scheduling priority over those who setup a reservation on a continuing basis. The fare will still be $1.00 per trip and $2.00 round trip.

What if I apply and I am determined not to be eligible?
The city of Lake Charles has an appeal board to which you may request a hearing on your eligibility.

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