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Managing Mercury Matters
Team Green of SWLA and the City of Lake Charles Wastewater Division is pleased to announce the opening of a Residential
Mercury Collection Site!!!


Household items listed below will be accepted for proper disposal and recycling at the Wastewater Division, 1132 W. 18th St., Lake Charles.


Every Friday, 9am - 2pm.
Remember to store items in a safe manner to limit opportunities for breakage (many of these items, when broken, release mercury vapor into the air). The items on this list  should NEVER be placed in your household garbage, as they present dangers to your family, sanitation workers and the environment.
Contact: Wastewater Pretreatment
337-491-1450 or 337-491-9185
Safe Storage Steps
Silver liquid in tube
Place in:
1. Hard plastic case or bubble wrap
2. Zip-top bag or other air-tight container
All non-electronic
Entire device into:
1. Hard plastic air-tight container
2.Bubble wrap and zip-top bag
Fluorescent, hig intensity discharge (HID), noen, mercury vapor, high pressure sodium and metal halide
Unbroken bulbs into:
1. Boxes that the new bulbs came in
2. Bubble wrap and zip-top bag (if small)
Old Alkaline Batteries
Bought before check ion date
Safe to handle if not leaking place in:
1. Zip-top bag OR
2. Air-tight container
Chemistry Set
May contain mercury compounds
All containers:
1. Seal lids tight
2. Hard plastic case or bubble wrap
3. Zip-top bag or other air-tight container
Vials or Jars of Mercury, Sometimes on Necklaces
Small containers of mercury used for ceremonial purposes. May be found in basemets or garages.
Unopened, unbroken containers:
1. Bubble wrap
2. Zip-top bag or other air-tight containers




Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding this service, please contact Emelie Gary.