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Staff 1-9 of 9
Name Title Department Email Telephone
Morris, Mary Councilwoman Council District A 337-436-5172
Mayes, Sonni City Council & Legal Liaison   337-491-1545
Weatherford, Stuart Councilman Council District E 337-474-6465
Thibodeaux, Lynn Clerk of the Council City Council 337-491-1290
August, Luvertha W Councilwoman Council District B 337-439-5135
Thibodeaux, Johnnie City Councilman-District F Council District F 337-405-8491
Geyen, Rodney Councilman Council District C 337-433-4018
Ieyoub, John Councilman Council District D 337-905-1962
Eckard, Mark Councilman Council District G 337-474-3976
Staff 1-9 of 9