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Staff 1-25 of 102
Name Title Department Email Telephone
Anders, David Major Police Department 337-491-1456 x 5303
Appleby, Shelly Administrative Assistant Finance Department 337-491-1251
Ardoin, Patrick Assistant Public Works Director Maintenance 337-491-1420
Arnold, Chris Administrative Clerk II Permit Center 337-491-1294
August, Luvertha W Councilwoman Council District B 337-439-5135
Augustine Reed, Dana Assistant Director of Human Resources Risk Management   337-491-1546
Booth, Isabel Accounts Payable   337-491-1425
Boring, Lauren Project Specialist Planning & Development 337-491-1513
Briles, Brad Chief of Fire Prevention Fire Prevention 337-491-1368
Broussard, Beth Administrative Clerk Downtown/Lakefront Development 337-491-1292
Broussard, Paula Property Standards Inspector III Code Enforcement/Property Standards 337-491-1295
Burguieres, Doug Director Planning & Development 337-491-1542
Caldwell, Shawn Chief Police Department 337-491-1456 x 5100
Cardone, Jr, John City Administrator City Administrator 337-491-1381
Carter, Delton "DC" Chief Fire Department 337-491-1595
Chambers, Corretta Director of Operations AmeriCorps 337-491-1380
Clayton, Gena Administrative Clerk Purchasing 337-491-1263
Comeaux, Alecia Purchasing Manager Purchasing 337-491-1263
Cooley, Vanissa Account Representative Purchasing 337-491-1430
Delabat, Dani Buyer Purchasing 337-491-1262
Dellafosse, Kimberly Assistant City Administrator Mayor's Office 337-491-1388
Dellafosse, Leah Property Standards Inspector II Code Enforcement/Property Standards 337-491-1295
Dever, Mike Technical Assistant Superintendent Water 337-491-1430
Dix, Pat Property Standards Inspector I Code Enforcement/Property Standards 337-491-1295
Donaldson, Amanda Director of Cultural Affairs     337-491-9159 x 1600
Staff 1-25 of 102