The Lake Charles Human Relations Commission shall operate as an advisory board in all matters involving any department of the City of Lake Charles, city officials, employees, and agents and their relationships and/or contacts with the citizens of the City of Lake Charles.


The function of this commission is to make recommendations to the Mayor concerning the functions and operations of any department of the City, any city official, employee or agent, relative to their relationships and/or contacts with the general public.

The Human Relations Commission has nine members appointed by the Mayor to serve for two year terms. In order to reflect the diversity of the community, seven members are selected from each of the City Council districts and two members are selected at-large.


The commission holds its regular meetings on the 3rd Tuesday of each month in City Hall. These meetings are open and the public is welcome to attend.


The primary function of the commission is to receive and consider complaints and commendations made by the public concerning city government and its operations. Recommendations are then made to the Mayor based on the commission's evaluations.


A second function of the commission is to host public forums that focus on community issues. These forums might offer information and/or seek public input relating to matters of interest or concern to the community. 
Receiving Commendations/Complaints

1.         Initial complaints that do not pertain to the actions of an employee of the City may be made by phone through the Mayor's Action Line, by mail, or in person at City Hall.


2.         Complaints concerning the actions of an employee of the City must be submitted in writing on a Complaint/Commendation Form.


3.         Complaints are referred to the appropriate city department that will make an initial response within 72 hours. Every effort will be made to resolve the complaint at this level.


4.         If the citizen is not satisfied with the response of the city department, the commission may:


·         review the complaint if it was initially submitted in writing; or


·         ask that it be submitted in writing if it was not initially.


Commendation/Complaint Forms

1.        Before a complaint can be considered by the commission, the citizen must complete and sign the complaint. All completed forms become a part of the public records of the City of Lake Charles.


2.        Complaint/commendation forms are available at City Hall in the Department of Community Services and Development located on the 5th floor.
Processing Complaints
The commission responds to all completed complaint forms. Those that the commission
considers have the following general characteristics:
  • broad implications for the City
  • the greatest opportunity for positive impact
  • where commission consideration and/or recommendations can enhance the resolution or
    remedy of the matter.
           The Human Relations Commission meets the 3rd Tuesday of January, March, May, September and November at 5:30 p.m. at Lake Charles City Hall, 326 Pujo Street.