Under the direction of Fire Chief Keith Murray, and with the assistance of his administrative FDlogoassistant, our administrative offices work closely in seeing that the administrative responsibilities are handled efficiently. With the support and help of the department's secretarial and administrative staff, the Fire Chief is able to administer his duties in a well-organized manner that results in the smooth and efficient operations of the Lake Charles Fire Department.

This division maintains records of all personnel, training, maintenance of vehicles and facilities, budgets and financial data which it organizes, analyzes and prioritizes in order that recommendations may be directed to the Fire Chief for his use in running the day-to-day operations of the department.

LCFD Administration
4200 Kirkman Street
Lake Charles, LA 70607
Fire Chief
(337)491-1360 - phone
Keith Murray
Administrative Assistant Richard Broussard
Secretary to the Fire Chief       Ashley Miano
Assistant Chief Office              
(337) 491-1362 - phone
Assistant Chief A shift
Assistant Chief B shift
Assistant Chief C shift
Dale Sarvaunt
Tommy Thomas
Kenneth Daniel

LCFD Fire Prevention Division     

(337) 491-1368

8th floor City Hall

326 Pujo Street

Lake Charles, LA 70601

Chief of Fire Prevention Caldwell Fontenot
LCFD Communications Division    
(337) 491-1354 business line
911 Hodges Street
Lake Charles, LA 70601
Chief Communications Officer Nancy Vigo
LCFD Training Division
(337) 491-8792
4649 Common Street
Lake Charles, LA 70605

Chief Training Officer Kenneth Brown

LCFD Maintenance Division
(337) 491-1356
1208 W 18th Street
Lake Charles, LA 70601

Master Mechanic James Richards

LCFD Planning and Research Division

(337) 491-1397

8th floor City Hall

326 Pujo Street

Lake Charles, LA  70601

Chief Lennie LaFleur