Fire Fighting & Suppression Division
The largest division within the Lake Charles Fire Department (LCFD) is the Fire Fighting/Suppression Division. Employees in this division are LCFD1qualified to control and extinguish fires, respond to hazardous material emergencies, provide high-quality first response service and quickly act in response to life threatening situations.
The LCFD responds to hundreds of extrications and thousands of emergency line calls each year. The Fire Fighting and Suppression Division supports and maintains a safe, healthy, well-trained and high-performing workforce to better serve the Lake Charles community.
The Fire Fighting & Suppression division responded to more than 2,750 alarms in 2006. Of these responses, 641 were for fires, 44 were vehicle extractions, 569 for hazardous conditions and the remaining responses were for power lines and animal rescues.
Lake Charles Fire Department personnel man eight fire stations and 15 fire companies in the Lake Charles/Ward 3 metro area.
Central Fire Station
706 Enterprise Blvd
Station 5
2701 General Doolittle St
Station 2
4251 Broad Street St
Station 6
4300 Kirkman St
Station 3
1806 Moeling St
Station 7
2020 Tybee Ln
Station 4
2622 Creole St
Station 8
5265 Big Lake Rd