Permitting Procedures
Present all required documents as listed at time of review with required review fee. This initiates the 10-20 day review process.
  • Planning and Codes divisions will review pertinent commercial building and zoning codes.
  • Office of Zoning and Land Use will determine that the property has been properly platted and addressed.
  • If the property is determined to be located within a Flood Hazard area, an elevation certificate may be required.
  • Upon approval, applicant's permit may now be issued and the construction may then proceed.
Required Documents
One complete digital set of plans drawn to scale (1/8", 1/4", etc.) must be submitted to the Permit Center for review and approval prior to the issuance of a building permit for all commercial and multi-family projects. All plans shall give the name, address and phone number of the person responsible for the design. These plans must include:
Vicinity Plan - Normally taken from the abstract. Shows the adjacent and surrounding lots and streets within that block. (Needed in order to assign addresses, check buffer requirements, setback requirements, etc.)
Legal Description of Property - Normally taken from the abstract. Required of all new construction.
Site Plan - Shows the entire project on the proposed lot. Show all existing structures and proposed new structures and additions. Setback dimensions from structures to the property line and setbacks between all structures. Parking layout, driveways, curb cuts, etc.

Grading Plan – May be included on the site plan. Must contain the following: North Arrow, property/lot dimensions, ditches, water bodies, rain water flow across property, storm drains, culverts, catch basins, limitations of grading area and grass buffers if present, all erosion and sediment control structures (silt fences, hay bales, gravel entrances, etc.).

Floor & Structural Plans - Show each room and its use, all partitions, dimensions, doors, windows, etc. Size and direction of ceiling joist and roof rafters.
Foundation Plan - Placement of interior and exterior footings, footing design, shafts, reinforcing steel, etc. Details showing structural members, fireproofing, interior finish, etc. Total square feet and the type of construction of both existing and new construction.
Electrical Plans - Shall include riser diagrams, circuit schedules and the connected load. Electrical contractor shall obtain an electrical permit.
Plumbing Plans - Shall include riser diagrams and other details necessary to determine plumbing code compliance. Plumbing contractor shall obtain a plumbing permit.
Heating & Air Conditioning Plans - Shall include mechanical design. Mechanical contractor shall obtain a mechanical permit.
Occupancy use, floor loads, and other details may be required depending upon the use and type of construction.
Fire Sprinkler Plans