City Gives Updates on Two Major Projects: Millennium Park -

Phase II, Children's Playground and Gill Street Extension


The City of Lake Charles today provided updates on two major downtown/lakefront projects: Millennium Park - Phase II, Children's Playground and the Gill Street Extension.


The Playground includes the remaining components surrounding Millennium Park - Phase I, all tied together with paved walkways, which include a combination of brick pavers for accent and concrete paths.


The design includes the integration of elements previously found in Millennium Park prior to the fire.  Millennium Park - Phase I was designed by Leathers and Associates.   Landscaping will include lawn areas, shade trees, decorative shrubs and planting, which will enhance the Children's Playground environment and be maintained with a sprinkler water system.


Some of the major elements of the Children's Playground include:

  • a major shade structure at the new entrance designed to provide shading for patrons entering and leaving the area -- paving in this area to incorporate bricks;
  • an entry gateway at Millennium Park to coordinate with the display area for existing and new donor plaques;
  • security fencing surrounding the entire site with gates at the main entry and maintenance entry points for service personnel;
  • brick paver accent areas;
  • a grassy lawn area with benches and shade structure;
  • a fossil dig shade pit with shade structure;
  • outdoor seating including benches as well as picnic tables with either a shade structure or shade provided by landscaping;
  • a new pavilion structure, which will encompass a covered open area and include restrooms and a concessions area with storage - an adjacent area to have outdoor seating areas for a concessions stand and will be furnished with tables with umbrellas and chairs for seating;
  • a splash park, which will provide for a variety of water features for children: spray features will be fitted with nozzles in the paved area shooting upwards as well as special nozzle features scattered throughout the park spraying different type water jets from decorative equipment -- the splash park will also have slip resistant paving brightly colored to go along with the theme of the design; and,
  • seating and fabric shade devices giving patrons cover from the elements.


Work on Phase II of Millennium Park began in February and will continue for approximately six months.  During construction, there will be temporary closures of Millennium Park.  The City will make every effort to keep Millennium Park open during weekends; however, the schedule for closures may vary depending on the construction schedule.  Contact the City's Recreation and Parks Department at 491-8731 or visit the City's web site homepage under Hot Topics for updates. 


Millennium Park - Phase II, Children's Playground is a $2.2 million bond issue project.  The contractor is Trahan Construction, LLC, and the architect is Randy Goodloe.


The goal of the Gill Street Extension is to provide a safe vehicular and pedestrian linkage between the downtown and lakefront area and to promote public/private development in the lakefront area, which will further advance the City's commitment to making Lake Charles a regional retail/commerce hub.  This project extends from the Lakeshore Dr. and Gill St. intersection west to the intersection of Bord Du Lac Dr. near the Lakefront Promenade Schooner's Landing and will include utility infrastructure for future mixed-use development of Tract 1A to the north and Bord Du Lac Park to the south.


The Gill Street Extension project consists of the following scope of work:

  • Paving: the reconfiguration of the existing hard surface, installation of a new concrete roadway with stone base, and the installation of new concrete sidewalks with pavers; 
  • Drainage: the reconfiguration of a new underground drainage system;
  • Sewer: the reconfiguration of the sewer line, installation of a new underground sewer line system, including a new sewer lift station, and a new six inch sewer force main;
  • Water: installation of a new water line and abandoning of the existing water main; and,
  •  Electrical: installation of new street lights, and installation of a new electrical riser.

Funding for this $2.3 million project comes from state capital outlay, state Disaster Recovery Unit CDBG - Rita, and bond issue.   Work is scheduled to begin on April 2.  The contractor is McMannus Construction, Inc., and the engineer is D.W. Jessen and Associates.  The work sites of both projects will be fenced off and detour and access signs will be posted.

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