On Friday, December 20, 2019, Mayor Nic Hunter, along with other elected officials and representatives from Acadian Ambulance Service, announced a multi-million dollar economic development project slated for 721 Enterprise Boulevard.

The site, formerly Dimmick Supply Co., will be revitalized by Acadian Ambulance Service to house multiple components of their operation including their maintenance facility and National EMS Academy. 

“This is a very exciting day for the City of Lake Charles,” said Mayor Nic Hunter. “My administration has placed an aggressive emphasis and renewed energy into development of underserved, more mature areas of our City. Today’s announcement represents some of the fruits of those labors. We are fully supportive of Acadian Ambulance’s efforts to revitalize this property and create a showpiece for future re-development efforts.” 

Shelly Mayo, President of the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury who was also a partner in today’s announcement, added, “This investment is historic for all of Southwest Louisiana in an area that we are all looking to develop projects that create enhanced visibility for our area, job opportunities, and above all else quality of life for the citizens of this parish. This project hits all of those goals and more. The Police Jury is very proud to be an active partner in making this happen.”

“Acadian Ambulance Service has a long track record of service to the City of Lake Charles and Calcasieu Parish and we are thrilled to build on it with this new investment,” said Michael Burney, Regional Vice President for Acadian Ambulance Service. “The Enterprise Boulevard Corridor is a beautiful piece of Lake Charles history and we are looking forward to bringing a project to the area that will help create the opportunity for EMS training and future job opportunities to the heart of Lake Charles.”

The building will undergo a complete overhaul and Acadian Ambulance anticipates the location being in operation by the summer of 2020. 


Acadian Rendering