On Tuesday, March 22, 2022, the City of Lake Charles received word of hurricane relief funding.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced the $1.3 billion package with an expected $450 million earmarked for Hurricane Laura long-term recovery. 

“Today is a great day for Lake Charles,” said Lake Charles Mayor Nic Hunter. “To all of the residents in my community who are still struggling, I’m sorry it took this long. I'm sorry you've had to traverse a longer and rockier road than you should have, but help is on the way.” 

Working in conjunction with state officials, City officials will seek to compliment programs established by the State of Louisiana to maximize the impact and spread of these dollars. 

“There is no scenario where Lake Charles and Southwest Louisiana do not recover from the difficult last couple years. We now have sufficient support from our federal government in order to expedite that recovery, though it took far too long,” Mayor Hunter added. “Finally, we have achieved an equitable response from the federal government related to a historic string of natural disasters, more in a 12-month span than any other City in American history.”

Mayor Hunter extends his thanks to a number of state and federal officials, for their commitment to helping secure this much needed, long sought after funding, including Governor Edwards, President Biden, the Louisiana Congressional Delegation and the administrations at HUD and FEMA. 

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