The City of Lake Charles, in partnership with the Robotics Education and Competition (REC) Foundation, will host a series of one-week robotics camps this summer. 

Students attending the camps will follow an educational standards-based curriculum designed to increase student confidence, interest and proficiency in both math and science.

“Learning loss over the summer months is always a concern, and never more so after our children have been so deeply impacted by COVID-19 and the string of natural disasters that have impacted our community in recent years,” said Mayor Nic Hunter. “We are thrilled to reactivate our recreation centers this summer with a robotics camp that will allow students the opportunity to collaborate, think computationally, troubleshoot and innovate—all fundamental skills for 21st century learners and future professionals.”

The program, funded through Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds, is free of charge to attend, but spaces are limited and students must meet eligibility requirements to be considered for acceptance into the program.

To be eligible to attend the camps, students must be a current 3rd or 4th grade student living inside the City limits of Lake Charles and they must be a member of a low-to-moderate income household.

Sessions will take place as follows:

Bellard (Hillcrest Community Center)                      June 13-17, 2022

McMillan Community Center                                  June 20-24, 2022

Riverside Community Center                                  June 27-July 1, 2022

Lake Charles Boston Region 5 STEM Center          July 18-22, 2022

Interested parents and/or guardians can apply in one of two ways. In person applications are being accepted on the 5th floor of City Hall (326 Pujo St.) and online applications are being accepted by completing the form below. An applicant’s eligibility is not determined until after the application process is complete.