Notice is hereby given that the following properties are in violation of the Lake Charles Code of Ordinances.  The property owners listed below will have 5 (five) days to correct the issues noted, or City’s contractors will correct the issues at the owner’s expense.

Sec. 23:3-5:  High grass and/or weeds, Trash, rubbish, refuse, debris violations:

Mandy Pickens Zachery, 3724 Brentwood St, Assessment No.  00439908

Richard Scott Fitzgerald Et Ux, 2415 Crockett St, Assessment No.  00293539

James T Lebrun, 2801 Creole St, Assessment No.  00305650

Jospeh Clark Allen Cormier Et Al, 2805 Creole St, Assessment No.  00425591

Mark Shane Anderson, 3529 Crescent St, Assessment No.  00376078

Yolanda Angeline Herrigan, 1118 S Elton Ct, Assessment No.  00284734

Christopher J Angel Et Al, 1300 S Elton Ct, Assessment No.  00378402

Trishaun Renette Carter, 1904 Fitzenreiter Rd, Assessment No.  00706929

Williams Progressive Life & Accident Insurance Company, 3016 S General Wainwright Dr, Assessment No.  00309133

SGC Enterprises LLC, 319 Glenn St, Assessment No.  00406767

Timothy Racca Et Ux, 3557 Greinwich Blvd, Assessment No.  00327611

John Keenan and Ruth Malveaux, 3406 Greinwich Blvd, Assessment No.  00291358

Donald Eugene Welch ET Al, 530 Holmes St, Assessment No.  00452726

Jason William Crookshank, 501 W Lagrange St, Assessment No.  00380946

Jeffrey Lee Underwood, 4013 Louisiana Ave, Assessment No.  00452394

Baggett Investors LLC, 901 W McNeese St, Assessment No.  00432040

McNeese Center LLC, 1115 E McNeese St. Assessment No.  00453129A

Cassie D Adams Et Al, 1317 Oklahoma St, Assessment No.  00827576

Hertz Corporation, 130 W Prien Lake Rd, Assessment No.  13346640

Clara Letha Fletcher Duhon Et Al, 2514 Ruth St, Assessment No.  00318345

Thomas O Chamberlain Et Ux, 4527 Stillwood Ln, Assessment No.  00489999

Alva Anthony Hildalgo Jr & Kathy Lynn, 3409 Taylor St, Assessment No.  00369527

Brett Harmon Fontenot Et Ux, 3823 Texas St, Assessment No.  00327190

Donald Ray Franklin Sr, 2220 Tulip St, Assessment No.  00416290

Severnus Gradnigo JR Et Ux, 1613 Shaw St, Assessment No.  00306223

IP Construction LLC, 4019 W Walton St, Assessment No.  00910368

Justin Michael Buggage Et Ux, 4004 W Walton St, Assessment No.  00910287

Lucille Berard Richmond, c/o Mason Emile Weingarden, 1714 6th Ave, Assessment No.  00417068

Mary Nolia Milton Briscoe (Estate) c/o Jospeh C Briscoe, 2913 7th St, Assessment No.  00288586

US Bank Trust National Association As Trustee of Chalet Series III Trust, 2113 8th St, Assessment No.  00566446

Ruth An Thomas Paul, 2200 Blk 9th St, north of 2232 9th St, Assessment No.  00350567

Roger G Burgess, 2334 9th St, Assessment No.  0041163C

Agnes Jenice Aaron Jackson, 2411 9th St, Assessment No.  00328316

Derrick Zakee Blakely, 2132 9th St, Assessment No.  00608513

WKC LLC, c/o Dinie Montgomery, 2132 9th St, Assessment No.  00451835

Franklin Mason Enterprises LLC, 2417 9th St, Assessment No.  00446572

Build and Create LLC, 2500 9th St, Assessment No.  00407208

Divine Dreams Investments LLC, 2505 9th St, Assessment No.  00349577

S&G Legend Properties LLC, 533 11th St, Assessment No.  00754498

Patrick Liliedahl Et Ux, 901 13th St, Assessment No.  00269611/00300284

SIA Investments LLC, 403 W 18th St, Assessment No.  01127128

Sec. 6-353. - Trees, limbs and growths; removal and trimming, dead & dying trees, limbs:

Michael Anthony Steele Et Ux, 2514 Stanton St, Assessment No.  00412961