The City of Lake Charles has several sports facilities that are available for rental for private tournament purposes.
Please call 491-1280 or e-mail for date availability, as they are heavily scheduled.
All ball fields have a minimum rental fee of $450.00 for the weekend and there may be additional charges for additional services.

Rental requests are not confirmed until a $250.00 deposit per event is submitted to the Department of Recreation & Parks.  If the event is cancelled by the event host, the department must receive written notice of cancellation prior to seven days before the event to receive refund of deposit. All cancellations by the event within seven days of the start of the event will result in the forfeiture of the $250 deposit and no refund will be issued.

Written notice may be made by e-mail or fax or in-office visit and by be signed and dated by tournament host specifying the event and date of the event that is being cancelled.

Sports Facility Rental Agreement.
Ballpark rental includes the following:
  • Field Lights
  • Concession
  • Office (if available)
  • Initial Setup of Fields (Dimensions, bases, etc.)
  • End-of-Event Bagged Trash Pick-Up
  • Bathroom Supplies and Trash Bags
  • Field Hand Tools
  • Chalk and Chalk Machine
Ballpark rental does not include the following:
  • Security Personnel
  • Power Equipment
  • Daily Field Maintenance
  • Concession Supplies (Cups, etc.)
  • Personnel
  • Required Fees and Licenses
  • Insurance (Renter must provide.)
  • Erecting and Taking Down of Any Fencing Necessary for the Tournament
  • Bagging of Trash or Picking up Trash During Tournament
  • Chalking and Lining of Field Once Tournament has Started.

At the time rental begins, the renter assumes all maintenance and clean-up duties during the tournament.  Keys will be given to the tournament operator and he/she will be responsible for securing the facility. The City of Lake Charles assumes no responsibility for theft during the event.