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What is required to do business with the City of Lake Charles?
Complete a Bidder's Application Form so we can add your company's name to our database. Provide appropriate insurance coverage. Although you must be the lowest responsible and responsive bidder, marketing is a key ingredient to becoming a successful vendor with the City. The most successful vendors understand the purchasing rules and regulations, know their product, and work diligently to market their product to the City of Lake Charles.
Does the City use local vendors for purchasing materials and supplies?
Yes local vendors are encouraged to do buisness with the City; however competitive quotes are always requested.
Does the City of Lake Charles pay taxes?
No. The City of Lake Charles is exempt from State and Local Sales taxes. The Purchasing Division will furnish tax exemption certification upon request.
Is there a fee to do business with the City?
No, there is not a fee for submitting your application and insurance certificate.
Are there any special requirements for doing work with the City?
Yes, if you are providing a service that requires you to work on City premises, i.e., construction, lot cleaning, streat repairs, demolition, etc. you must provide proof of insurance and workers' compensation prior to commencement of work. Complete insurance requirements are available upon request.
How long can a vendor remain on the City's bid list?
The vendor will be removed from the City's bid list only if their work performance has been unacceptable or if mail is returned with no forwarding address.
Is there an automatic payment option for paying water bill?
My garbage can wheel is missing. Now my garbage can is to heavy for me to pull from the side of the road to the house or to the house to the road. How do I get a new wheel on my trash can?
How can I purchase a brick at the Veterans' Memorial Park?
How do I get my original birth certificate from Louisiana when I'm in a different state?
What is the method of payments for online filing of occupational license renewals?
Where is a good place to dispose of broken electronics safely?
What do the different colors mean on the zone signs posted on property?
The City of Lake Charles used blue signs for Planning and Zoning notices and Orange/Yellow signs for Historic Preservation notices. The Zoning office can be reached at 337-491-1542.
What are the requirements for having a garage sale within the city limits? is a permit required?
How do I obtain an elevation certificate? Is there a cost involved? Where exactly do I need to go to retrieve it? Can I obtain it online? What paperwork do I need to bring to your office"
How do I find a list of forms and applications on the City of Lake Charles website?
Am i able to view my bill online to check my balance? Or is it just to make payments?
You can now view and pay your water bill online.
Who do I contact about a neighbor whose grass is taller than me and is growing through my fence. It is visible from the street and the right of way in the back of the home. It is causing rodents to come into my area and it is a townhome, so they are very close together. I have no way to contact this person since she does not live there. She lives in Sulphur, the house almost appears to be abandoned.
Please contact the Property Standards Department at 337-491-1295.
Results 1-22 of 22