The Code Enforcement Officer for the City of Lake Charles enforces ordinances through the Public Works Departments by concerns from citizens as well as city and parish departments.

Some concerns are low hanging limbs over the street, neutral grounds, sidewalks and right-of-ways. Low hanging limbs from trees on private property or neutral grounds abutting private property are the responsibility of the property owner to maintain.


Other areas of concerns are blind corners or obstructions. Blind corners and obstructions can be from hedges, bushes and/or portable signs.


Garbage can concerns are received and investigated to ensure residents remove their cans from the curb on the same day of collection.


Storm Water ordinance is enforced through the Public Works Department and concerns  include the blowing or discharging grass and leaves into the street.


Illegal signs placed on neutral grounds, right-of-ways and utility poles are enforced through the Public Works Department and a fine can be issued to the responsible parties if not removed after notification is received. Illegal signs can include businesses, garage sales, lost and found animals, or any advertisement signs posted on utility poles, between sidewalks and streets, or on any public property.