Vehicle Maintenance Division 

Tory Ceaser, Technical Superintendent
(337) 491-1420

Located at 4331 East Broad Street, within the Public Works Yard, the Vehicle Maintenance Division comprises of an administration, maintenance, tire repair and parts section. The 24 employees assigned to this division are responsible for the overall maintenance of 1,151 City vehicles and equipment, including heavy equipment. This division also ensures that the City complies with all federal and state regulations regarding testing and monitoring of the above-ground storage fuel tanks.
Vehicle maintenance is involved in writing specifications for new and used vehicles and equipment. 
Vehicle Maintenance strives to improve the City's fleet readiness on a daily basis so other departments and divisions can do their jobs to ensure the best quality of life for the community.
Building Maintenance Division
Donald Willis, Supervisor
(337) 491-1278
This division functions as facilities manager, providing services to all city-owned buildings. An active preventive maintenance program assures that all buildings stay in good operating condition.

Services include repairs and maintenance of all electrical, plumbing, mechanical and air conditioning systems within city-owned buildings. This division also offers services in carpentry, locksmith and painting while utilizing both in-house and outside services.